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Blogs Forum Research/Education


Blogs Forum Research/Education

19 Responses to “Recommended Sites”

  1. Eric Choy said

    thx for you great info as i just a beginner recently enter the market


  2. A one stop reference for a newbie, just started learning some fundamentals and venturing in stocks.
    Thanks for the compilation. May Gob Bless You and most importantly, the spirit of sharing.
    Happy Chinese New Year, Kong Xi Fa Cai


  3. teachingtrading said

    Hi! I leave my comment with my blog here. I hope you’ll find it useful and maybe you’ll add it to your recommended sites ;)


  4. teachingtrading said

    http://teachingtrading.wordpress.com :) i thought it was visible


  5. what software do you use for TA


  6. may i know how old you are? from your posts, you sound discipline and professional. i understand you traded a few years before you get to where u are right now. i wanna know how old u r now and if u r some old timer uncle or some mid 30s fellow that finally “got it”/ “enlightened”.


  7. L. C. Chong said

    i am 35 years old. a lot of people already called me uncle, but i am still looking young. :D


  8. Joseph Liew said

    I appreciate it if you could share with me where I can find latest financials updates on KLSE listed companies. I mean those which I can access immediately after the companies announced their results for the financial year.


  9. Joseph Liew said

    Thank you very much. But sometimes, this site is also a bit slow. Nevertheless, I do visit it as it has lots of financial data.


  10. L.C. Wah said

    Keep up the good work L.C.Chong. Taking this opportunity to thank you I hope more people will sign up to take advantage of your good work !


  11. M.Y Tan said

    Hi, mind sharing with me where did you get your 10 Year companies financial data? Is there a source where it can be imported into excel automatically?

    Thanks! Love your work.


    • L. C. Chong said

      Source of 10 Year companies financial data is annual reports and equitiestracker.

      unfortunately, no auto import into excel. Please tell me if you find one. :)


  12. annlsl said

    hi mr chong ..thank you .


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