Do W. D. Gann’s trading techniques really work?

We have came across a lot of excellent marketing, selling and presentation that promoting Gann’s trading techniques. For instance,

image image image

In trading world, we should open for any good idea, but should remain skeptical, especially those things that sound too good to be true. Thus, I do further research on W. D. Gann trading techniques. I finally found some materials that actually contradict with what the promoters promoting.


Source: Trading for a living: psychology, trading tactics, money management By Alexander Elder



Source: The Right Stock at the Right Time: Prospering in the Coming Good Years by Larry R. Williams

If Gann’s son himself also clarified that his father couldn’t make a living by his own trading techniques, I am pretty sure Gann’s trading techniques most likely not working.


4 thoughts on “Do W. D. Gann’s trading techniques really work?

  1. Well it appears you have only got half the story. I’ve been trading for 16 years using Gann’s methods. They do work and work very well. What most people don’t know is that Gann and his son didn’t get along. They used to work together but something happened and they split. Another so called guru who bags Gann is Larry Williams. Here’s a guy who bags Gann and without realizing it quotes some of Gann’s work. Larry Williams is the most over rated trader out there. Gann would laugh at this idiot. If Gann’s methods don’t work, how come I can call tops and bottoms in the market months and months in advance to the day?? Larry Williams has NEVER done it EVER, and he never will, but he will bag someone else because he can’t work out how that person did it. I wasted 2 full days with Larry Williams at a seminar, what a waste of time and money. This guy is nothing more than a computer screen jockey.


  2. If you feel inclined to learn Gann and attend a Gann seminar, I can only encourage you to request a copy of the promoter’s real time trading statements. If you can see a copy of the Guru’s real time trading record, you should also elicit a commitment from the Guru to explain each and every Gann trade to you after completion of the seminar. This is very reasonable request since the Guru is offering to teach you Gann, which the Guru trade to make his or her money (right?).


    • yeah that has sense. All the information we need to be profitable is on the internet already whe dont need to pay seminars, just focus and hard working will do. (A friend that is already constantly profitable will help)


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