So far, there are few readers asked me to teach stock investment.

For me, teaching is a bloody serious and noble business; and also a great responsibility. I am not qualified to teach and take that kind of great responsibility.

If you really seriously want to learn stock investment, I suggest the following trainers. I have no affiliation with them.

  1. EquitiesTracker (I attended) – Provides basic courses about value investment. Never underestimate the basic course. It provides sufficient skills and knowledge for you to perform successful value investment.
  2. Adam Khoo Stock Investment Course (My wife attended) – You can gain additional practical knowledge and strategy. His course is not expensive, and provides on-going tuition.
  3. Conrad Lim – Provides outstanding course about technical analysis. Some people may not like Conrad because Conrad is a cocky. I attended only his 3-day advanced technical analysis course where he charged us RM300 only (crazy huh). For me, he is a good teacher, and corrected me in technical analysis. I am fine with his cocky attitude because I have seen and deal with some people worse than Conrad.

My mentors are my father and father-in-law. My father is a very poor stock trader/investor, so I swear not to follow his mistakes. My father did tell me to buy two outstanding stocks when I was in school: PBBANK and GAB. He told me that buying stock is just common sense. My father-in-law is a bloody successful stock investor. He taught me practical knowledge and experience informally, but with due respect to him, he is really not good in teaching. The above 3 courses helped me to formulize the intacit knowledge where learnt from my mentors, and also, make my investment methodology more systematic.

Of course, I am very happy to make some friends who enjoy investing. If you share the same passion with me, drop me a message. We can catch up at somewhere in KL/PJ. Smile


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