Reasons of Buying GENTING, AIRASIA, BURSA, TENAGA, SIME and HAIO after GE13

GENTING – I accumulated GENTING at 10.20 and 10.00 after GE, and at 9.7 in March. Reason is strong cash flow in GENTING and based on my valuation, it is undervalued. Besides, GENTING got a number of new investments offshore.

AIRASIA – This is a new purchase. I bought AIRASIA at around 3.00 due to technical bullish breakout. Also I also observed some big players accumulating AIRASIA at that time.

BURSA – I accumulated BURSA at 7.3 and 7.8. Financial performance of BURSA is getting stronger. Another “not so good” reason is to average down my average price. Many years ago, I bought BURSA at 10++ and number of lots are quite big. This is a mistake, but I decided not to cut loss due to its economic moats. So, I have been averaging down BURSA in the past few years. I did sell portion of BURSA for some personal reasons, but I bought back at lower price.

TENAGA – I accumulated at 8.1 and 8.3. Reason is simple: financial performance of TENAGA is getting better. Besides, as an investor, I am glad that TNB will introduce FCTP next year.

SIME – I accumulated at 9.36. Financial performance of SIME is getting better. While CPO price is decreasing, SIME can convert some of their land banks to expand property business. I also believe CPO price will eventually go bullish.

HAIO – This is a new purchase. I accumulated at 3.7. This is a turn-around business with good fundamental. Besides, their directors purchased their own company stocks at around 2.3. If the management buy their own stocks heavily, logically, something good will be happen.


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