YEELEE–Fundamental Analysis (26 Oct 2013)

YEELEE – Q2 2013 Financial Report ( on 28 Aug 2013

Analysis Report – or

I have added YEELEE to the Reserved List.

– Although YEELEE is undervalued, I will not invest in YEELEE for following reasons:
  – No economic moat at all.
  – I did an informal survey to find out popularity of YEELEE’s eagle oil, morningkiss and instant noodles. I asked my mother, mother in law, my wife, 5 other relatives and 4 colleagues that always cooking. Sadly to say, none of them use YEELEE’s eagle. 2 of them never notice the eagle oil in supermarket. Few of them tried morningkiss before, but stopped using now. Some of them said YEELEE’s instant noodles not so nice. This means the competition is too high. People got plenty of choices.  
  – YEELEE is in price war with some competitors
– I will still put YEELEE in the Reserved List because YEELEE obviously putting a lot of efforts and commitment to improve its market share, internal operation efficiencies, profit margin and financial condition.


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