GAB–Fundamental Analysis (1 Nov 2013)

GAB Analysis – (Thanks for my reader in pointing out my mistake, where I did not add “Current Tax Liabilities” to “Account Payables”)

Latest Financial – Annual Report 2013 (31 Oct 2013)

Disclosure – At the time of writing, I owned shares of GAB.


7 thoughts on “GAB–Fundamental Analysis (1 Nov 2013)

  1. Dear Mr. Chong,

    Based on App-8 Year-End-Data sheet, the Accounts Receivables for 30/6/2013 equals to 342,286. I’ve looked at the financial statement (page103) and noticed that you used the sum of “Receivables, deposits and prepayments-322806 and Current tax assets-19,480).

    May I know the reason you used the sum of both components. Why not use the breakdown into “Trade receivables” at financial statement (page123) at 294,670 or even just “Receivables, deposits and prepayments” at 322806?

    I’m sorry if I have missed out regarding this in your previous posts. I’ve just started to venture into this field and I’m really impressed by your analysis and valuations.



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