VITROX–Fundamental Analysis (16 Dec 2013)

VITROX Analysis –

Latest Financial – Q3 2014 Financial Report (21 Nov 2013)

On 12 Dec (EquitiesTracker Annual Dinner), after listen to Mr. Chu’s presentation,

a. I found that the culture of VITROX is very similar to my current company, where we also practice Agile+Lean methodology, and inclusive working environment. VITROX, like my company, invested a lot on our people to uplifting our people’s skill and competency, as well as created highly motivated working environment.

b. I also learnt about growth drivers, competitive advantage and economic moats of VITROX.

c. In the past few months, the management level sold 20 million shares, so that they can reward their staffs with shares. Their staffs pay nothing for the shares.

I have decided to invest in VITROX.

At the time of writing, I did not own shares of VITROX, but I have an queued order of X,000 shares.


4 thoughts on “VITROX–Fundamental Analysis (16 Dec 2013)

  1. Hi Chong,

    Thank you for the explanation, makes allot of sense. Incidentally, a few days after your purchase, my OSK Rhb remiser sent us a recommendation :), how I wish these remiser do a detailed study like u do :).

    It’s always nice reading your research and embarrassingly using it also for my benefit. I learnt the economic moat study importance from ur site. Thanks.



  2. Hi ,

    How long would you hold such a stock? Is it based on a % return or would u keep as long as your calculations show the stock can shine further?

    Secondly, would u cut loss on this? Your strategy says dollar average so I assume u will buy when drop.

    Thank you for your valuable research.



    • 1. In general, I will keep the stock as long as its economic moats still intact. For this case, I will average down. Again, for me, this only applicable to the companies with economic moats, such as GAB, TENAGA, CARLSBG, PETGAS, PBBANK.
      Another reason I can add position if these stocks turn bearish is I initially bought these stocks in several previous economic/financial crisis. My holding cost for these stocks are relatively low.
      2. I will cut loss for stocks like AIRASIA and SUNWAY.


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