DELEUM–Fundamental Analysis (6 Mar 2014)

DELEUM Analysis:-

Excel –


My View:-

– Fair value
  – 5Y DCF: 5.21 – 5.89 (MOS: 6% – 17%)
  – DELEUM is near fully valued.
– Market Timing
  – EY%: Buy under 2.43, sell under 5.03
– The long term outlook looks bright for Deleum, with a RM3.5bn orderbook lasting up to 7 years and 2 major contracts commencing in FY14.
– I will wait for bigger correction. Let see how it goes.

Latest Financial – Q4 2013 Financial Report (25 Feb 2014)

At the time of writing, I did not own shares of DELEUM.


2 thoughts on “DELEUM–Fundamental Analysis (6 Mar 2014)

  1. Dear LC chong , I am your follwer and come to know you from i3 investor. Everyday I read your analysis ,infact  I am new in share market , last time I did buy some counters and most for them are lossing  money , do not know whether should I hold it or just throw , could you help me on this ? Thank you very much .   cher



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