Charts in My Excel

Some readers feedback that my excel are full of figures, and no charts. Actually, my excel is full of charts, or to be exact, sparklines.

Sparklines is only available in Office 2013 and Office 2010, so you won’t be able to see sparklines in Office 2007 and below.


I am considering to host my excel in OneDrive, thus you can view my excel with your browser in PC (and even Android/iOS). You can download the excel from OneDrive for local viewing. By doing this, I will discontinue to publish PDF in the future.


Some readers suggested to create one spreadsheet to put charts. Thanks for the feedback, but I may do that some day. Sparklines serve my purpose for the time being.


5 thoughts on “Charts in My Excel

  1. Wanted to download a copy of your excel from one drive. But when click download, it showed “This webpage is not available”. Seem like it is read only for audience.


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