CANONE – Fundamental Analysis (16 Sept 2014)

CANONE Analysis:-

Excel –

My View:-

– Fair Value:
  – Absolute EY%:
    – Trailing:   
      – FY13 (EPS: 0.457) – Fair value 3.63 (Fair Value Uncertainty: MEDIUM)
      – R4Q (EPS: 0.463) – Fair value 3.68 (Fair Value Uncertainty: MEDIUM)
    – Forward:   
      – FY14 (EPS: 0.48) – Fair value 3.81 (Fair Value Uncertainty: MEDIUM)
      – FY15 (EPS: 0.504) – Fair value 4 (Fair Value Uncertainty: MEDIUM)
    – EPS applied to reach the current stock price (2.48): 0.312   
– As of now, valuation of CANONE looks quite attractive.
– I have to further study this counter and compare with its competitors.
  – Another thing I need to study is the story of KIANJOO and CANONE.
– I will put this stock in my watch list for the time being.

Latest Financial – Q2 2014 Financial Report (28 Aug 2014)

At the time of writing, I did not own shares of CANONE.


2 thoughts on “CANONE – Fundamental Analysis (16 Sept 2014)

  1. Dear Mr LC Chong,

    Thank You very much for all the valuable information. Your kindness in sharing has helped newbies like myself gain insights into the experts knowledge and skills on how to perform analysis. Although there are still many areas which I do not understand (your powerful excel analysis) but I believe over time and with determination I will be able to learn from you.

    Reading through your blog I get to know that your are a member of Equities Tracker. I joined ET in April this year, my first investment course. I love to meet up with you in person. ET has a follow up club meeting tonight on Thong Guan. Are you attending?


    Sent from my iPad



    • Sure, I will drop you one email.

      I won’t be attending tonight’s meeting, but I will attend the future one.


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