Strong USD, Weak RM – Potential Stocks

On this weekend, I will revisit WELLCAL, VITROX, GTRONIC, WILLOW and SCIENTX. I will invest 1-2 counters out of these.

For your interest, you can also look into stocks that exporting products to US and Europe, such as:

  1. Furniture counters (HOMERITZ, HEVEA, etc…)
  2. Glove counters (TOPGLOV, SUPERMX, etc…)
  3. Textile and packaging counters (MAGNI)
  4. Consumer discretionary (CSENIC)
  5. Electronic (UCHITEC, MPI, etc…)

The above list is not exhaustive. Do your homework, and you will find stocks that benefit from strong USD.

Few key factor you mustn’t forget:

  1. Demand of products manufactured by the company must be sustainable during this tough economy condition, and of course, preferably increasing over time.
  2. The counters should also benefit from low commodity prices.

8 thoughts on “Strong USD, Weak RM – Potential Stocks

  1. Mr. Chong ,
    In view of the current bearish sentiment , will the healthcare sector be also affected ? Can it be considered as defensive sector ? Appreciate your comments on this matter.

    Thank you,


    • Healthcare supposed to be more defensive and less volatile. It will be affected but less volatile, I think.


  2. Mr. Chong, Have you done an analysis on a company called Panpage Bhd. I seem to hear more and more about them. Will the strong USD support better 2015 profitability for this company selling big data and applications for media/advertising?


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