Strong USD, Weak RM – Potential Stocks (Cont.)

Over the weekend, I have revisited WELLCAL, VITROX, GTRONIC, WILLOW and SCIENTX. All of these stocks fundamentally are excellent.

I have shortlisted VITROX and WELLCAL in my wish list. Initially, I wanted to buy both within this week. However, after yesterday market plunge, I have to change my plan. I believe that I may be able to get cheaper prices at later stage. I will keep both in view.

In addition, after evaluating my current available capital, reserves (for bear market) and forex gains, I still can accumulate stocks in my current portfolio for 4 to 6 times during bear market. My wife and I also have some funds to accumulate some stocks for sons.

As I made very big gains in forex trading due to strong USD, the gains is more than enough to cover the value shrunk in my stock portfolio, and increase my reserves too. As of now, I have 5 open positions in shorting AUD/USD and EUR/USD.

BTW, I won’t invest plantation counters for the time being.


5 thoughts on “Strong USD, Weak RM – Potential Stocks (Cont.)

  1. Willow Im not in favour becoz it’s growth story is much depending on Iskandar region which is still a qeustion mark,
    whereby the market in SG is saturated


  2. Congratulation on the big gains.

    Wellcall will benefit by the drop in rubber price and recurring industrial pipe.
    Scientex will benefit by the drop in crude oil price too along with affordable homes and good growth prospects for it packaging segment.

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