Airasia AGM 2015

AIRASIA provides gorgeous and decent designed Annual Report, with calendar, stickers and box. This is a very good effort in branding.

Few observations:
1. I think Aireen Omar supposed to answer most of the shareholders’ inquiries on Airasia Malaysia, but Tony Fernandes responded most of the questions instead. I also observed that Aireen Omar intended to go through MSWG’s questions, but Tony Fernandes interrupted and taken up from that. In terms of hierarchy, Tony Fernandes being a Group CEO, he has authority… to do so. On the other hand, his behaviour shows that he is very dominant in the management team. I don’t mind about the dominant, but he should let his CEO to take the questions. He should trust his CEO’s ability in responding shareholders’ inquiries. It is very important for his management team to build credibility too.
2. Based on some feedback given by shareholders, Airasia should improve their communication channels with public.
3. I welcome Airasia’s efforts in computerisation, but Airasia should take care Senior Citizens too as many of them are not proficient in using Internet.
4. Registration for AGM and RM500 voucher should be streamlined. People do not queue up properly, and the registration area is too small. A lot of senior citizens have to squeeze here and there.



2 thoughts on “Airasia AGM 2015

  1. I am a reporter with Nikkei, a Japanese publication. I plan to write about AirAsia’s AGM last week and need some input from someone like you who have attended. Do you mind if I email you my questions?


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