Take Away:

  1. ALLIANZ management, as always, tried very hard to convince the shareholders to bear with low dividend payout. The reason is always “managing the capital required to support growth”. ALLIANZ’s financial position is extremely strong, but ALLIANZ needs to maintain a minimum Capital Adequacy Ratio of 130% and an internal target capital level required by BNM. Nevertheless, ALLIANZ committed to increase dividend payout gradually.


  1. ALLIANZ (Motor and Life) CEOs and CFO are very friendly. They shown very high patient to answer shareholders’ questions.
  2. The Chairman is a bit blur because he kept attempting to close the Q&A session and proceed to the resolutions.
  3. Y. Bhg. Dato’ Dr. Thillainathan, Independent Non-Executive Director, kept closing his eyes. Was he feeling sleepy?

I hope ALLIANZ can increase dividend payout in the future.

IMG_20150609_093059 IMG_20150609_100308 IMG_20150609_101224 IMG_20150609_101844 IMG_20150609_102200 IMG_20150609_103646 IMG_20150609_104029


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