Football Field Chart for Visualizing Fair Values

While watching Wimbledon 2015, I take this opportunity to address another question. People asked that my valuation method can derive few possible fair values. How would I select the range? I have two methods:

  1. Reverse DCF and Reverse EY% – To assess the assumptions based on the current price.
  2. Visualization by using Football Field Chart – I will plot all fair values in the chart, and try to find the center of gravity (COG). Then, I will draw a rectangle using COG as middle. Width of the box is subjective, but I will try to find the width that make sense (at least visually).

So far, I never share Football Field Chart in my blog, because I do not use it frequently. I only use it when I have difficulty to find the proper range.

Football Field Chart is not something advance and new. Visualization can ease process of decision making.


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