RSS Feed for The Edge Malaysia

If you want to subscribe RSS Feed of The Edge Malaysia, you can do the following RSS to your news reader. My favourite news reader is Feedly.

  1. – You can manually add every RSS to your news reader. The issue doing this is your news reader will download duplicate articles.
  2. – You can add this RSS instead where this aggregates all RSS above. Thus, you won’t see duplicate articles.

One thought on “RSS Feed for The Edge Malaysia

  1. This is the very first time I’m using RSS on an Android phone. I was a very active user of RSS a few years ago. Google Reader wasn’t robust and flexible enough for me because I had dozens of links of various blogs and news sites. I needed an industrial-strength news reader, and only FeedDemon was capable of handling and organising everything.

    I already have Feedly on the phone but I rarely use it. Until now. I’ve started a folder with The Edge’s link. Will add more Malaysia-related business RSS links.

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