Morningstar for KLSE Stocks

This article is not about Morning Star candlestick pattern.

INSAGE, EquitiesTracker, Reuters, Bloomberg and few other platforms (such as Winvest and Grandpine) are well known paid services in providing financial data for companies listed in KLSE. INSAGE and EquitiesTracker provide free edition (with limited features) if you sign up with certain brokers.

If you are looking for a free and reputable data provider for Malaysia stocks, you can consider Morningstar ( free edition. You can subscribe to Morningstar paid edition for full features, but I think the free edition provides rich features which I think sufficient for analysis.

  1. Morningstar provides tailored format of financial statements specifically for banks and REIT.
  2. You can view 5 years of financial data in the free edition.
  3. You can compare reported data and restated data.
  4. You can export 5 years of financial data and key ratios into excel, and it is FREE!!!
  5. Morningstar provides comprehensive analysis on Insiders and Ownership. Their ownership analysis provides rating for institution funds (that covered by them). This data is very important for you to determine quality of institution funds that owned the stock you interested.
  6. There are few more nice features you can toy around.

How about stock filtering by criteria? You can access this feature in the paid edition. Hold on! Thanks to Microsoft. MSN Money provides stock filtering powered by Morningstar:

One catch though. How to search KLSE stock in Morningstar? You can try the search engine in Morningstar, but it doesn’t work now (it was working few weeks ago). Thanks to Google. If you want to search Public Bank in Morningstar, type “morningstar public bank” in

I am still not a paid subscriber of Morningstar because I am still in the middle of verifying its data.

By the way, I have no affiliation with Morningstar


3 thoughts on “Morningstar for KLSE Stocks

  1. Great info. I’ve been trying to learn how to search the KLSE company in morningstar but can’t seems to find it. Now I know how. Thanks to you. But I was under the impression that all your worksheet info were pulled from morningstar? Why are you saying you are still verifying its data? Or you really pull all the data from annual report so far?

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