My very first investment

This is my very first investment in my life. I bought 1000 units of BSN’s unit trust way back in 1995 (Form 3). The cost was RM1,000, now it worth RM508.97. The only reason I still keeping this 1000 units is to remind myself that I should manage my own fund and I should do my own homework. If lose money, blame myself.

Btw, I am not here to discourage you from buying unit trust.

I checked the annual report of this BSN’s unit trust. They owned very good fundamental stocks. I guess they just bought one time, then just let them float…. Lazy fund managers…



One thought on “My very first investment

  1. These unit trusts tend to be hit-or-miss. In the 80s, the hottest was MBf’s First Fund. “Hottest” because it was the only game in town. Either that or the quasi-government funds (some of the latter, by the way, delivered quite decent results. Especially the earlier Amanah Saham Mara’s various “Tabung”). MBf First Fund’s units were sold out on launching day. It resulted in MBf Second Fund.

    Unfortunately, the price kept falling. I agree with you – if one is prepared to educate and continually strive to improve himself, it’s better to do the investing himself. By doing so, a person takes full control and responsibility for whatever were to transpire. Nobody likes to lose money. But I would rather it be due to my mistakes and decisions than someone else. With unit trust, we are totally depending on strangers.

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