DIGI Updates – 21 Apr 2017

DIGI Analysis File – https://doc.co/idLdDU

I think stiff competition between Malaysian Telcos will continue in the foreseeable future. I don’t expect significant growth in DIGI business (in matter of fact, this applies to other Telcos too). You can easily find challenges faced by Telco by Googling.

In my opinion, at 5.16, valuation of DIGI is fully valued where I believe its fair value range from 4.9 to 5.2. Its dividend yield is around 4% only.

As of now, I won’t consider to accumulate DIGI, but to hold it for extremely high dividend yield as my average cost for DIGI is almost free.

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3 thoughts on “DIGI Updates – 21 Apr 2017

  1. thank you for sharing.
    Just a quick question. How do you get the balance sheet data to trasnfer it to your excel spreadsheet?
    do you go to each companies’ annual report and paste it manually?

    Appreciate your answer.


  2. Thank you for sharing the analysis LC.
    The stiff competition among telco’s has benefited the consumers more than the telco’s.
    All telco’s need to work hard to maintain their profitability.

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