HAIO Updates – 1 Feb 2018

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#HAIO Updates – 1 Feb 2018

Analysis File – HAIO-FY18-Q2

6MFY17 results were very impressive where YoY growth rate of revenue and net profit was 39% and 53% respectively.

As Chinese will be celebrating CNY festival very soon, I expect #HAIO will enjoy very fruitful FY18 closing. As their quarterly report already explained their performance, I have no further comment.

CPI Malaysia rose by 3.5 per cent to 120.9 in Dec 2017, but consumer spending on healthcare products is not declining at all.

In my opinion, at 5.38, valuation of #HAIO is not so attractive because it is almost fully valued.

  1. Baseline scenario – 4.5 – 5.5
  2. Good scenario – 4.8 – 6.0
  3. Bad scenario – 4.1 – 5.0 (unlikely to happen)
  4. Ugly scenario – 3.9 – 4.5 (unlikely to happen)

Its dividend yield is around 3.1%.

As of now, I won’t accumulate #HAIO. I will consider to sell some of the shares to harvest good profits.

At the time of writing, I owned shares of #HAIO.

#KLSE #FBMKLCI #FundamentalAnalysis


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