Stock Name Date Announced Financial Period Analysis Date My Portfolio Family Portfolio
HAIO 21/09/2016 Q1 2017 08/10/2016 X
DAYANG 24/08/2016 Q2 2016 12/09/2016 X
AIRASIA 29/08/2016 Q2 2016 18/09/2016 X
PCHEM 09/08/2016 Q2 2016 09/09/2016 X
PETGAS 09/08/2016 Q2 2016 08/09/2016 X
DLADY 25/08/2016 Q2 2016 06/09/2016 X
MAYBANK 25/08/2016 Q2 2016 05/09/2016 X
CARLSBG 23/08/2016 Q2 2016 05/09/2016 X
TENAGA 28/07/2016 Q3 2016 04/08/2016 X
PBBANK 28/07/2016 Q2 2016 02/08/2016 X
BURSA 25/07/2016 Q2 2016 01/08/2016 X X
HEIM 18/07/2016 Q4 2016 20/07/2016 X X
DIGI 11/07/2016 Q2 2016 13/07/2016 X X
KMLOONG 29/06/2016 Q1 2017 04/07/2016 X
SKPETRO 28/06/2016 Q1 2017 01/07/2016 X X
DIALOG 18/05/2016 Q3 2016 21/06/2016 X
PADINI 18/05/2016 Q3 2016 21/06/2016 X
ALLIANZ 26/08/2015 Q2 2015 11/09/2015 X
GENTING 26/08/2015 Q2 2015 06/09/2015 X

180 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Hi L.C.Chong,

    Can you provide me a fundamental analysis on Tomypak? Not sure whether this is a good share to buy. A lot of people said it is a good counter to buy but need to keep for long term. The company is going to have right issues soon with free warrants. Hope you can help.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the sharing!

    Would like to know if you are able to provide the date purchased and target price for the stocks in your portfolio?


  3. Hello Mr L.C. Chong.
    i am junior in dividend/value investing. if you please,may I ask are you using any software or build your own excel format valuation file in valuating the stocks?.excuse me on this lousy question, but im keen in learning the easiest way to study stocks myself.

    if any of those, would you mind sharing the infos/books/links etc?.thank you Mr. appreciate much of your help..=)


  4. Hi LC,
    I wonder which data source do you use?
    I only know of Equities Tracker but I think need to pay to get their data in copy-pastable form.


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